Goodness is found in tradition

Ottavio Malizia | Rita Foschi

Ottavio: I bet you know our crêpes well. They are served everyday on thousands of tables. But I’m sure nobody wonders how much work and research is hidden behind that small moment of perfection, when you cut through the crunchy crust and the flavor explodes in your mouth. The truth is that recipes need to be studied, tried and tried again. But first of all they need to fully convince us and especially me, as I’m not someone who is easily satisfied. I am told so also by Rita, who has a much more docile character than me.

Rita: Well, let’s say that Ottavio and I are like a crêpes and its filling: two different souls that together work wonders. And it’s by working together that we created the owen baked crêpes, transforming a recipe that was already good into something delicious, and what’s more healthier. This is what innovation is also about.