Everything that comes from our kitchen grew inside of us

Luca Sanavia | Fabio Padovano | Simone Sarti

Luca: Water, wind, soil and sun. It all starts here, from the essential elements that bring fresh and natural ingredients to life. We put in the attention necessary to choosing them and the wisdom of expert hands to work them.

Fabio: Yes, but also the new techniques we use to preserve the aromas, colors and flavors are important. Not to mention a genuine passion for the best recipes that we all have in common.

Simone: Because of this passion, we taste the recipes and then again until they are exactly as we imagined them. We like to think we are creating something more than a simple pasta dish, risotto or soup. We are creating a small, perfect moment that we will share with the person who enjoys the dish. Isn’t the love you put into this the difference between simply preparing food and the art of cooking?