Frozen first courses

Everything that comes from our kitchen has grown within us.

We taste and taste again recipes until they are exactly as we visualized them.

Water, wind, land and sun. Everything starts here, from the essential elements that bring fresh, wholesome ingredients to life. But the new techniques we use to best protect aromas, colors and flavors are also important. Not to mention the passion for the tastiest recipes that is part of each of us.

We like to think that we are creating more than just a pasta dish, risotto or soup. We are creating a wonderful moment of sharing with those who will enjoy that dish. Isn’t it necessarily all here, in the love you put into it, the difference between simple preparation of food and the art of cooking?

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Frozen crêpes

Goodness is in the tradition.

Ottavio and I are like crêpes and filling: two different souls that work great together.”
Ottavio e Rita

Our crêpes arrive on thousands of tables every day. It is hard to imagine how much work is behind this perfect little moment. When you break the crispy crust and the flavor bursts in your mouth.

Because recipes must be studied, tasted and tasted again. First, we have to be convinced and we are not exactly people who are easily satisfied.

And the right formula in the end always comes from collaboration. This is how our chefs created our baked crêpes. Working with four hands, they transformed an already good recipe into a delicious and, above all, healthier one. Innovation is all about this.

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Private Labels

Collaboration is our recipe for success.

Being the sales manager of a company like this means being able to turn client requests into inspiration for the people I work with.

Delighting the consumer is a goal we share with our clients. To achieve this, we rely on one another. Chefs, technicians, transporters: each has its own professionalism, but we all pitch in to find simple answers to sometimes complicated questions.

It is their creativity, passion and experience that lead us and our clients to success. It is, thanks to everyone, that we all do what we love to do. They say this is the recipe for happiness. Easy, don’t you think?

Catering solutions

Tastes are not debated, they are respected.

Everyone has his or her own taste, and when it comes to catering, everyone has his or her own needs.”

It is difficult for one recipe to meet everyone’s taste. Nowadays, more than ever, everyone has his or her own preferences and needs at the table. Satisfying everyone is already quite a challenge. But at Gelit we try to go even further: to exceed our own expectations.

Take our first courses: the Made in Italy that even the Germans like. However, they don’t like waiting for the cooking time. That’s why we created a pasta that cooks in no time.
For a large chain restaurant, we also developed a unique pasta preparation system. Technology and our know-how were crucial in finding the solution. The collaboration between us and the client, even more so.

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