We dream of the best possible future. For our company, for the people who work with us, for those who choose our products every day and for the world around us.

But we don’t want it to remain just a dream. This is why we go the extra mile every day to achieve it. This is what ‘sustainability’ means to us.

As in all things, it starts at home. We do our best to provide a welcoming and stimulating workplace. A place where everybody is able to work happily, to take care of our customers, our co-workers and our environment.

At first we asked ourselves: what can a company like ours do for everyone’s future? Our slogan, ‘Together to create’, gave us the answer.

We can strive, together with those around us, to do better and better. First with small actions and then bigger ones. And when you do that, you also become an inspiration for others. And for others and for even more others.

Isn’t this how you change things?


We can only go far together.

Change takes time. And a forward-looking strategy. Ours can be summarized in 5 cornerstones.


A green network to safeguard the planet.

“In a better world, our products will also be better”

We believe in systems. And in connections. We are a company that is part of a network of interconnected companies. Then, to do great things, synergy is needed. And collaboration. Only by working together can we minimize our environmental impact and inspire people and organizations around us to do the same.

Among our partnerships, the one with Nativa was a breakthrough for us. The first B Corp in Europe, Nativa helps companies to become ‘regenerative businesses’, companies that contribute to the development of the region, creating an equitable future.

Thanks to Nativa, we applied the world’s most widely used tool for measuring environmental and social impacts to Gelit: the B Impact Assessment. Not only that, together we are working on transforming Gelit itself into a regenerative company.

The decarbonization of our activities is part of this journey. The European Union has set a target to achieve this by 2050. We are working to do this before 2035.

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2021 Sustainability Report
2022 Sustainability Report

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We are committed to integrating climate neutrality into our Articles of Association(Company bylaws?) ,
to implement a progressive evolution of our business towards a zero-emission economy.

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