They shouldn’t be questioned, but respected

Simonetta Malandruccolo

If you think that the same recipe can satisfy everybody’s tastes, you don’t know our clients. Nor my children for that matter. What one likes, the other doesn’t. Everybody has their own tastes and, when it comes to restaurants, their own requirements. Meeting them is already a big challenge. But here at Gelit every time we try to take it a step further: we want to exceed our own expectations. Look at our pasta dishes: made in Italy products that Germans also like. Waiting for the cooking time to pass is something nobody likes doing. This is why we invented a type of pasta that cooks extremely quickly at a very high temperature. In fact for one chain of restaurants we even developed a unique system for the preparation of pasta. Technology and know-how were fundamental to identify the solution. But the collaboration between us and clients was even more important.