We are what we believe in

Giulio Panella

For me this isn’t just a big family. It’s my family. The surname has nothing to do with it. And yet, in some way, all the people who work here have the same DNA. What unites us is the love for well-made things and the enthusiasm that drives us to experiment new ideas by talking to each other, comparing different experiences and points of view. And all of this happens so we can create recipes able to tell a story made of authenticity and love for our territory. And that’s why every time that our “guests” try our dishes, they discover much more than the simple sum of its ingredients. Such a result is only achieved thanks to a constant collaboration with each other and by using the most advanced technologies. This is why I consider Gelit more than a company, my community: a project one is part of, all reunited to discuss a new recipe. Or when we play table football in our little square.

How we see it
Which is also how we do it

Marco Murri | Roberta Di Giambattista

Marco: Perfection doesn’t exist, but one can always strive to reach it. It’s what I do every day as the production director, taking care of the many aspects that contribute towards achieving the goal of satisfying clients. The quality of raw ingredients, the many different people involved in the various phases of production, the use of the most advanced technologies: these are all elements that determine the goodness of our products. And as the former quality control director, when I talk about goodness I am thinking about good and healthy products from all points of view. Just like the company that produces them.

Roberta: – I also know something about goodness: together with the chefs and technicians, I am involved in research and development. It’s a fascinating journey that every day brings us to return the genuine soul of home cooking to industrial cuisine. The journey’s starting point is our clients’ requests. They indicate a goal and we study the route, putting all our efforts into improving products and work processes in order to preserve the authentic aromas and flavors of our ingredients. We have the experience necessary to prepare tasty recipes, but especially the desire to be part of a project.

Where good things grow

Alberto De Gregorio

I’ve always liked being here, in a land generous like few others. And it’s here in the Agro Pontino that many of the excellent natural ingredients that allow our dishes to be so flavorsome originate from. A big difference is also made by a strict control over the supply chain that guarantees the quality of raw ingredients. Every day we work to deliver food to tables all over the world, but in some ways we are a local company. We’re attached to this territory and feel responsible for those who live here. Maybe it’s because it’s not any old place, but the one where almost all of us here at Gelit were born and raised. Respecting it for us is as normal as filling our lungs with the same air we are committed to keeping clean.

Quality is a research that never stops

Sabina Di Fiore

It sounds like an abstract concept. And yet there is nothing more concrete than quality. And who knows this better than those who, like me, work to ensure quality every day? And believe me, my work is demanding here. Because quality is a principle applied to everything and everyone. To the creation of new recipes, imagined and created to seduce from the first mouthful. To the way we prepare our dishes, respecting ingredients, aromas, authentic flavors and also to the people who choose and process the ingredients. Striving constantly for quality has allowed us to obtain important international certificates, such as BRC (Grade A) and IFS (Higher Level). A guarantee of good, safe products that comply with the numerous laws that regulate the food industry, for our clients and consumers. But quality for us is much more than bringing to the table healthy and safe food. Our dishes must first of all be delicious. This is why they are tested by the most severe judges: ourselves. Twice a week we all meet in the kitchen to taste each production batch. Only the ones we like are allowed to leave. These two appointments are my favorite moment of the week. Obviously, given that we all sit round a big table together to eat and chat.


Compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01

Gelit Srl adheres to Legislative Decree 231/01 and adopted an Organizational, Management and Control Model together with an Ethical Code under the decree itself. To this end, the company has prepared an extract from the Organizational, Management and Control Model together with the Ethical Code: whoever is interested has at any time the right to request a copy of the document itself. The company has appointed the Supervisory Body whose email is gelitorganismo231@gelit.it. The counterparty is required to comply with the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/01 and in case of a behaviour contrary to the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/01, the report will be immediately resolved.